About Us

Natty Team Group of companies started the business itself as manufacturer and marketer of quality plastic materials to be used in the playground and outdoor equipment industry. In Malaysia, playground equipment manufacturers are dependent on overseas suppliers for HDPE boards. Therefore, they are forced to pay high prices and subject themselves to inflexible trade requirements. This vacuum in local supplies provides an opportunity as we have developed a technique to manufacture these HDPE boards locally. By offering a cheaper alternative of HDPE boards to these manufacturers, we are poised to position ourselves as a major supplier of such materials with relatively no competition in the Malaysian market.

The company itself will also expand into other ASEAN markets such as Singapore and Thailand, where similar industries are dependent on imports for such materials. With this unique position, we project to generate net profits of RM1 million during its 3rd year of operations. This business plan sets our findings on this attractive market for plastic based materials and outlines the strategic, operating, financial and marketing plans to achieve returns on investments for our shareholders and investors. Therefore a new line of Rotational Mould manufacturing had launch to cater the demand

Corporate Strategies
Our strategy will be successful judging from our studies in customers’ requirements and buying behavior in the playground industry. There are 3 key elements to our strategy. First, our emphasis on manufacture of high quality HDPE boards efficiently and effectively with the lowest cost as a goal. Secondly, our sales and marketing strategies are to offer customers a lower priced alternative to expensive imports. By also introducing flexibilities in quantity orders, customers have no reasons to import similar HDPE materials. Finally, we will continue to introduce new and innovative plastic products to be used in the similar industries. These products include artificial wood made from recycled materials and HDPE rods.


Natty Team Group of Companies are dedicated to become a leading manufacturer and supplier in plastic materials for the playground and outdoor equipment industry in the Asia-Pacific region.



Natty Team Group of Companies’ mission is to provide high quality plastic materials at affordable prices. We aim to establish 70% market share within the next 5 years in Malaysia and achieving sales of RM 3.5 million and net profit of RM1 million within our 4th year of operations. During this time, we will develop a first class manufacturing facility by adopting new technologies to continuous lower our cost of production, we will ensure that our manufacturing facility adheres to local environmental regulations, we will continuously develop new and innovative quality plastic products, provide excellent service and high quality products to our customers and work closely with our shareholders to maximize their objectives in our company.


Company Values

Our products will be manufactured with care and quality to meet all customers’ requirements.
We will operate within strict legal and ethical guidelines.
We will nurture and reward all team members to achieve job satisfaction.
We will be responsible to all shareholders interest and will upkeep their investments in the company by continuously expand and grow the company and its profitability.